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Endearing moments from their first incredible year. Precious baby photography to look back at with wonder.

Parents swing their baby into the air, framed by large trees.

Delight and wonder

Black and white baby photography to cherish

Your baby’s first year will fly by. Before you know it, they’ll be sitting in front of their birthday cake, giggling for the camera.

Capturing those first twelve months with the help of a professional baby photographer gives you unique keepsakes of this very special time.

Book a single baby photography session and focus on one precious age or choose regular photoshoots to document your baby’s story throughout the year.

Each one will be carefully tailored to your baby’s age to produce stunning black and white pictures of their magical early months.

Pictures you’ll all be able to look back at with wonder.

My photography is all about you as a family. I spend the morning at your home, a relaxed approach that allows us to fit in with your baby’s routine, or lack of it! Often, we can do half the session before a mid-morning nap and half afterwards, or we can pause to wait for an unexpected snooze or extra-long feed.

If the weather is kind, we can also venture outdoors for half the photoshoot which adds lovely variety to your pictures

I don’t bring props or elaborate outfits; instead we focus on what you enjoy as a family. Maybe your baby loves sitting on your lap listening to stories or bursts into giggles when you place them in an extra-bubbly bath?

With everything you need easily to hand at home, this style of baby photography gives natural, relaxed images to remind you of this wonderful time in your lives.

Your baby will go through many different phases throughout their first year. Below is a selection of ages when special milestones are often reached, making them the ideal time to take some gorgeous baby pictures.

Please get in touch, and we can chat about the ideal age to photograph your baby. You’re welcome to opt for one of my suggestions or choose an alternative moment.

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The first days with your newborn baby are magical. I recommend arranging photography in the first four weeks when they’re still so beautifully tiny and new.

Images taken now will capture that irreplaceable excitement and wonder about the new person in your family.

Please explore my dedicated newborn photography page to read more about this specialist service.

A mother strokes the head of her sleeping newborn.

16 weeks

At 16 weeks, your baby’s personality will be starting to shine. Gorgeous smiles and stronger head control allow a whole different type of photograph: still a tiny baby but with plenty of charming interaction.

A baby on a bed smiles towards the window.

Eight months

Four months later and your baby could already be on the move. They’ll also be sitting up with confidence so again, the images capture a completely different and glorious stage. A growing attachment to favourite toys and books means they’ll be easily engaged and show us their unique spirit.

A mother and baby classic portrait in woodland.

One year

Time to say happy first birthday and celebrate this amazing moment with timeless pictures. At this age, sessions can capture their favourite toys, people and places, creating photographs to look back on in years to come and smile.

A baby looks at a camera.

Holland’s first year

It was a joy to meet Holland for his newborn photo shoot and it’s been such a pleasure visiting regularly through his first year to track the changes in beautiful images for the family to treasure. We did five shoots over fourteen months and it’s wonderful what we’ve recorded.

A child’s first year sees so many milestones, from those early days of snoozy cuddles to first smiles, babies learning to lift their heads, then sitting and crawling before pulling themselves up and setting off with their first tentative steps.

Many clients choose one moment in time to record in photos and others do a number of photo shoots in that special first year. I hope you will enjoy looking through Holland’s gallery and seeing the variety of images at different stages.

For me it’s been a pleasure and a privilege to take these pictures. I hope you’ll enjoy looking at them.

Helen arrived at our flat and was instantly a hit with our daughter. Helen was flexible, professional and super friendly and made the whole experience (one that we were slightly nervous about) a total pleasure.

– Penny & Mike

Ready to get in touch?

I’d love to chat about planning your family photography shoot and telling your story. Give me a call or send me a message, I’d be delighted to hear from you. I can’t wait to get to know your family and create beautiful photographs for you and your family to enjoy.