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A different type of family group shot

I love the dynamic feel of this recent group shot

It’s eleven years since my first family photography session for Jayne.  Every three years we get together, along with her two brothers and their families, and take family photos. This year’s images will be to celebrate her mother’s birthday – what a fantastic way to spend a day and what better gift than pictures with everyone together?

It’s been such a privilege to watch the children grow up from the first shoots with tiny babies and children playing with tea sets and go-karts to now, confident and articulate teenagers and conversations about GCSE’s and Duke of Edinburgh awards.  I was particularly pleased that two of the girls were studying GCSE photography and it was fascinating to hear about their exam projects.

We spent a brilliant morning together dodging the rain and taking pictures both in the garden and out at a nearby wood and it was particularly fun to recreate a group shot that we’d taken last time now the children were a bit bigger.

This shot caught my eye as I was downloading the pictures.  We were walking to the wood and I saw the potential for this shot. Running along the side of the field to get into place I shot up towards the horizon as the family walked along together.

I think what I like so much is that everyone is doing something different, the younger children at the front with the dog who provided so much entertainment (I always love it when family pets are involved in the shoot) then everyone else following along, walking in groups or single file along the narrow track between the fields. There are interactions from front to back as family members turn to those behind them, conversations across the generations and between siblings and cousins. It’s a picture that records a family day out and I hope you like it as much as I do, today’s ‘Just One’ from my recent family session in Suffolk.