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Action and Reaction

I love an action shot

There is something so wonderful about an unplanned moment, caught in a split second where action and reaction come together.  That was the case with this photo from a recent family photography session in Blackheath on that blissfully hot bank holiday weekend.

After a brilliant morning at the park we had returned home to get the sprinklers out.  There’s nothing I like more than the combination of kids and water, it always results in pictures of such pure delight.  It was great light for it too, very bright and harsh which can be problematic.  However, by utilising the dark background provided by the fence and foliage I could shoot into the light to make the water droplets really stand out in the picture.

The children loved the water and Thomas was happily running in and out of the spray.  I was taking pictures and trying different things when Carlos got in on the action leaping over the spray and, I admit, catching me a little off guard.

I had all the right settings for movements as I was expecting a rather lower jump from the children and instinct kicked in to tweak my composition for this marvellous shot.  Experience is so useful in these situations I often don’t even realise until I get home how my brain must have been working as the moment unfurled.

I love everything about this shot, the action, the movement, the sense of pure energy.  I love how the light catches on Carlos’ arms and leg, really making him stand out from the background. I love how he’s flying out of the frame as if the photo just can’t contain that level of energy.  And yet, the top of his hand is just included, wedding ring glinting in the sunshine.  I’d like to say that’s skill to have got that framing just right, it’s luck, but I love it all the same.

I think Thomas’ expression is just wonderful, stopped in his tracks as he sees his dad jump so high.  You can feel the momentum in his body language, weight on the foot in front, caught off guard as he can’t quite believe what he’s seeing.

It’s just the kind of picture I enjoy taking and just the kind of shot that I love to look at.  A fun moment that I know will make the whole family smile, now and as the kids grow up.

If you are planning to book a family shoot this summer and like what you see here on the blog and throughout the website then please do get in touch.  I’m taking bookings right through til Christmas and I’d love to meet your family and take beautiful pictures for you to enjoy.