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Baby photo shoot on Primrose Hill in North London

The sun is shining here in London and I’m thrilled to be sharing a sneak preview of a wonderful baby and family photo shoot in Primrose Hill from a couple of weeks ago. The blog has got a little behind just now as I’m so busy with summer photo shoots. I’m leaping out of bed early to travel around London and meet different families, photographing tiny babies, fun loving toddlers, awesome older children, and fascinating teens, it’s such good fun but that, along with processing pictures, has left little time for writing.

Trying to redress that balance a bit today with sharing some images from this wonderful session – a brilliant day photographing the most adorable baby and her lovely family in Primrose Hill.

Summer photo shoots

The summer is always a busy time for family photo shoots and this year is no exception even if the weather has been a little more erratic and this shoot, like many others these past weeks, had a mix of weather. I mention this just to remind everyone that the weather never stops play, we always have a brilliant time rain or shine.

We started bright and early and headed straight out to Primrose Hill as the weather apps warned us of a mixed morning. By the time we arrived the rain was already beginning and so we started our photo shoot under some trees, perfect shelter from the drizzle and wonderful light. I find the shade of big trees is where I’ll be heading whatever the weather as the soft light is so incredibly flattering and the overhead shade with bright areas outside means we have very directional light too which creates beautiful catch-lights in the eyes which always lifts an image.

We started with a bit of a play as the little one got used to me and my camera – her delighted smile as she played with her parents was a joy to behold.

The sun came out for our baby photo shoot on Primrose Hill

And then the sun appeared, brightening the sky and lifting the mood across London – I love London on a summer’s day, there’s always such a brilliant vibe.

We headed to the top of the hill before the crowds arrived and to enjoy the wonderful view over London. Primrose Hill is such a special place and such a great location for portrait photography.

From here we wandered down to find a spot to stop and play. I love to find areas in beautiful light where we can set up camp for a bit and allow the little ones to enjoy themselves doing their favourite thing of playing with their parents. We had bought some toys and books with us and spent a happy time chilling out and enjoying the sunshine while I took beautiful pictures for the family to treasure.

Indoor baby and family photos in Primrose Hill

Then, as the sky started to darken again, we headed home. I like to do half my baby photography sessions indoors and half outside whatever the weather as it provided such lovely variety to a set of images, we get such different pictures indoors and outside and both are so delightful and so full of memories for the family.

Once home we did all the little one’s favourite things, and this is one of the best things about my job, seeing what activities different children enjoy. This adorable little cutie liked to play with the cords of the blind (supervised by her father, of course) and the way she pulled at them makes me think she’ll be a sailor or an engineer in the future. I wonder if that will happen, if it does then these pictures will make the speech at her eighteenth. It’s so fun to see the little ones play and wonder what fun the future will bring; I hope that I will get to photograph her regularly as she grows up so I can see for myself – I’m already looking forward to our sailing shoot!

Fun all the way through our baby photo shoot in Primrose Hill

Our baby and family photo shoot in Primrose Hill was fun from start to finish and I’m so thrilled with the images. I’m sharing a few today as a preview for this wonderful family and to give prospective and idea of how my sessions work and the style and variety of images they can expect. I hope you all enjoy them.

If this style of baby and family photography appeals to you and you would like to book your own session then do get in touch, I have a few slots left in August and I’d love to hear from you.