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Baby photography in Islington

Islington’s Premier Baby Photographer

I’ve been a professional family photographer since 2003 and over that time I’ve built up a wealth of experience photographing babies all over London.  I work in a natural style and my photo shoots are baby-led and brilliant fun with stunning results.  No two babies are the same and no two photo shoots are the same.  I love to find out about your baby; what they enjoy, the things they love to do at home, or the places they love to go such as their favourite park or playground.  We do their favourite things whether that snuggling on your bed or enjoying the excitement of the swings or just being carried through the park looking at the dogs and the ducks.  You have a lovely time and I walk with you all the while taking beautiful photographs for you to treasure.  This natural and relaxed approach to your baby photo shoot means your photographs will be filled with memories and will spark so many conversations as your baby grows up when you can tell them about their early days and your lives together.

How Baby Photo Sessions in Islington Work

I like to start my baby photography sessions early so I would aim to arrive at your Islington home at around 8am for your baby portrait session.  I find this is a great start time as everyone is usually finishing breakfast and full of energy.  It also means we have some time for pictures before your baby’s mid-morning nap.

With babies under one then photo shoots are usually made up of two parts – pre-nap and post-nap. Often we’ll go out for one and be home for the other giving you wonderful variety to your images.  If we are at home then we will often start in the master bedroom as their parents bed is usually a favourite place for babies to play.  I’ll take stunning portraits and shots of you all having fun together, images that tell the stories of your lives and your daily routine.

We can take pictures in your baby’s nursery or playroom – there are so many options and we have time to do them all over the course of your baby photography session in Islington.

Nap times always take place as normal. By keeping to your baby’s normal routine we can ensure they are completely happy and relaxed and don’t get over tired.  For adults this nap-time break is a perfect excuse for a cup of coffee and, if your baby sleeps in their buggy, we can use this time to walk to a different location. Islington has some lovely outdoor spots for photo shoots and we can visit Richmond Square or Clissold Park, Highbury Fields, or perhaps jump in your car or a taxi and head to Highgate Woods or even Hampstead Heath. There are so many lovely options for baby photo shoots in Islington and around North London.

My Style of Baby Photography

I take baby portraits and family photographs in a style that is both natural and also timeless.  The images that I take of your family will stand the test of time, they will look good when your child grows up and I think this is really important.  We want these pictures to be something they will treasure when they get older and want to hang on their walls as adults.  With that in mind I like to concentrate on natural moments and I also take my photographs exclusively in black and white.

Black and white photographs stand the test of time.  Pictures taken now will look great alongside pictures taken of you when you were a child and will look great alongside pictures taken of your grandchildren in the future.  It’s a medium that always looks fantastic and that focuses on subject and expression, on interaction and emotion, and creates beautiful photographs that you and your family will love.

From a baby photo shoot, I will expect to show you around 70 images – these will be a mix of beautiful portrait of your baby and also family pictures and pictures of everyone interacting. There’s a huge variety of images and no two baby photo shoots will ever be the same, I love to show the unique character of your family and your Islington home in your baby photographs.

After the Baby Photography Session

After your baby photography session my colleague Andrea will visit you at your Islington home to show you your photographs.  Working around your schedule with evening and weekend appointments available Andrea will show you your baby’s portrait photographs on a nice big screen and all the different options that we offer for frames, albums, and other products.

We work with the UK’s best photo labs and framers to provide you with museum quality prints and frames and stunning heirloom albums from your baby photography in Islington.  These are prints that you will keep for generations.  We come up with ideas together and use software to show you different options to make sure we have the perfect selection for your home.

Most of my clients work with me regularly and so we will often build your collection over time, perhaps with an annual album and then, each year, adding a few frames to a collection on the wall building a stunning gallery of your baby’s childhood that you can enjoy each and every day as you walk around your home.

Find Out More About My Islington Baby photography

This should have given you a good overview of what I offer as a baby photographer in Islington but I’m sure you may have more questions.  You will want to see the prices and I have a full price list on my website where you can see the session fees and all the different options for printed products and digital files.

You may want to hear how others have enjoyed their session which you can do on our reviews page, or read about my work as a brand ambassador for Canon, or even get more of a sense of me as a person by watching one of my Instagram TVs.  I know it’s daunting choosing the right baby photographer for your family, and I hope that by putting as much information as possible here on my website you will be able to get a really good sense of who I am and what I can offer to your family.

There’s a baby gallery and a newborn gallery along with my guide for when is the best age to photograph your baby and a guide to baby photography at home.

I hope that by looking around the website you will be sure that I’m the perfect photographer for your family and that you would like me to visit you in Islington to take portraits of your baby.

The next step would be to drop me a message via the contact form or give me a call and we can get your baby photo shoot in the diary. I look forward to visiting you in Islington soon to photograph your baby.