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Baby Photography in Sevenoaks – Just One – Olivia

What could be better on this grey Saturday than a portrait photograph of an incredibly cute baby to cheer us all up? I can’t help but smile when I see this adorable photograph of Olivia and I hope that you will smile too.

I had been really looking forward to this session as I know Olivia’s little cousins well – I’ve been photographing them for years and so I was thrilled to travel down to Sevenoaks for our first family portrait session.

Olivia was exactly 16 weeks old on the day of our photo shoot and she is incredibly cute with a lovely smile, which made the whole morning such a pleasure. We had a great time. It’s lovely photographing in clients homes as we get to do so many of the usual every day activities, things the babies really enjoy and are comfortable with and things that will be so lovely to have recorded for the parents in years to come.

I love making pictures in every day environments, working out the best angle to photograph from. It’s lovely to know that when everyone looks back on the pictures they will know they have been made at home at this special time.

My favourite picture of the morning, the one that made my heart melt was this incredibly cute portrait of Olivia. Taken while we were preparing Olivia for some tummy time it has captured such a wonderful expression, so happy and so cheeky, it’s just the cutest smile ever.

I love how little she is – it won’t be long now, only a number of weeks probably, until she will be sitting up unaided. So Beth’s hands, supporting her, really add to the picture for me. I love that feeling of safety they give and how Olivia’s hands are themselves clasped, snuggly round her mums. The positioning of the hands gives a lovely sense of scale to the image but most of all speaks to me of the love between mother and daughter.

It’s the smile that does it though, a smile to melt your heart. I hope you like it as much as I do, todays’ just one from our baby photography session in Sevenoaks.

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