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Baby Photography Notting Hill, W11 – Just One

I met Syavash in London last year when I took his newborn portraits and I was so thrilled when his parents got in touch again earlier this year. The family would be back visiting London this summer and would like to arrange another session, to update their family photographs. This is my favourite thing about my job, seeing families’ year on year, catching up on the news and seeing how the children grow.

Syavash had been such fun to photograph as a newborn, it was a session that stood out for me because there was so much laughter, and we had such a brilliant time. And now he’s older things were even more fun, he’s such a lovely little boy.

We had a brilliant time, starting off in the beautiful Notting Hill apartment that Laleh and Patrick had rented for their holiday, the perfect spot for family portrait photographs. It was an incredible building with amazing high ceilings and so much light. It also had some of the most wonderful black and white landscape photographs on the wall, guaranteed to inspire! We had a lovely time photographing Syavash’s morning routine, his bath, breakfast, and playing happily on the bed. It was great fun and ensured that as soon as we left the house he went fast asleep in his buggy a perfect opportunity for a well-earned pit stop at a nearby coffee shop for the adults.

Then it was on to beautiful Kensington Gardens to take some outdoor pictures. It was one of those incredibly bright days, which meant that finding spots of shade or working into the light was important. This spot, where I took todays’ Just One was perfect, lovely soft light and not too wet underfoot to sit down directly onto the grass. Syavash was so happy chilling out, laughing at his parents and eating the grass with his new teeth.

I love this shot as it captures so much about his personality at this age, that big grin and those tiny teeth just showing. His hands clasping a leaf that we all know is about to be eaten and that wonderful happy expression as he looks up with love to his parents.

I hope you like it as much as I do, todays Just One from my recent baby photography session in London’s Notting Hill, W11.

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