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Children’s and family photo shoot in Cambridge

Today’s blog post harks back to a time of sunshine and will, I hope, herald a break in the wet weather!

I was thrilled to visit Ali and her family in Cambridge for our second family portrait shoot – it’s always lovely visiting families again and seeing how the family have all grown.

We had beautiful weather for our family photo shoot and so taking the kids out into the garden seemed the best plan. Ali has the most amazing garden, with lots of different areas that make for a wonderful backdrop for children’s and family portrait photographs.

We started off with some informal family portraits before playing some games – the boys were very into football and cricket and in a set of pictures which will forshadow what I imagine will be a very sport-filled summer, we photographed them engaged in these favorite activities.

We then moved on to badminton, putting up the net for the first time this year. I was also lucky enough to be stunned by some wonderful magic tricks (I’ve never worked out how the bank robber trick works – my brother baffled me with it when I was young, and Sam baffled me with it now) and also some wonderful musical recitals. Alec’s clarinet playing was a particular favorite as it was the instrument I played when I was younger, and Alec’s clear love for it and (so I am told, regular practice) really shone through.

It was a wonderfully varied morning and I’m so thrilled with the photographs. I hope you will enjoy this selection of pictures from our fun and relaxed children’s and family portrait photography session in Cambridge.

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