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Children’s photography at Ebony Horse Club in Brixton

Every so often an opportunity comes along that is absolutely inspiring in every way. When Letty, a friend since Primary School, asked me if I could take some photographs for a charity she works for, I was intrigued and even more so when I heard about the project.

Ebony Horse Club is a charity based in Brixton that provides a community riding centre for local children.

It has eight ponies and horses and an amazing stable yard, paddock and arena as well as a classroom and other facilities. Children from the local community come and learn to ride, and also to care for the horses providing an amazing sense of pride and responsibility.

It was an inspiring day seeing these children and young people care for the horses and learn a new skill, and to see the amazing work of the staff and volunteers who run the centre.

I was lucky enough to spend a day during half term at the centre and so got to see children learning stable craft as well as riding and then all the fun of some gymkhana games. Simply Wonderful!

I had such a great time and I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures.

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