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Children’s portrait photography in Holland Park, West London

I love visiting West London and in particular the area around Holland Park and Notting Hill – it’s such a fabulous area, so vibrant and interesting, and a lovely spot for children’s and family photography. I’m lucky enough to visit this area a lot and I’m always thrilled when we arrange another shoot to photograph a family in this lovely part of London.

I was looking forward to Janet’s shoot as her boys sounded like they were going to be brilliant fun to photograph, and they were. We had the most wonderful morning expiring Holland Park, playing games, running around and, best of all, playing with balloons.

Janet’s boys are incredibly fond of balloons and so for the photo shoot, Janet had arranged to collect a selection of helium-filled balloons from the shop on Kensington High Street, just moments from Holland Park, so that we could play with them at the end of our photo shoot. This way we were able to take a really wide variety of pictures while keeping the balloons as a treat for the end – perfect!

The boys were so adventurous, exploring all the different areas of the park and keen to climb trees and get involved in a brilliant game of hide and seek. I love how children will make a game of anything, from stamping on the nuts that we had brought to feed the squirrels (who weren’t really co-operating – they do say not to work with children and animals, I’m not sure where wild squirrels fit into that) and even some giant leaves that we found near the flower garden. The morning was great fun.

I’m thrilled with the pictures, a lovely set of images from our children and family photography session in Holland Park in West London. Do get in touch if you would like to arrange your own family photography session in West London, we’d love to meet you.

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