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Just One – Ben playing at the park – children’s portrait photography

A crisp winter morning at the park is a wonderful place to be, with the children running around, playing and having fun with their parents, completely forgetting about me and the fact that they are having photographs taken. This relaxed approach to children’s photography is what, I believe, allows me to capture such beautiful portraits of the children – portraits that tell a story and show the children’s personalities to the full, as well as providing lasting memories of the places the family go to and what they enjoy doing there. I love the fact that the children will never look back on these pictures and think ‘that was when we had a photo shoot’, but they will think back to many different days spent at this park and all the fun they had there with their family.

I think this picture of Ben sums up so much of this for me. It’s such a natural picture with a wonderful, genuine smile of joy on his face – just what I look for in a children’s portrait photograph. I love how we are interacting, with me behind the camera and Ben on his spinning disk, but it’s not a formal picture at all – it’s a shared joke, a smile of conspiracy (and I would think a lot of amusement, as I was lying flat out in a large patch of mud to capture this picture – thank goodness for full length waterproofs!). I love how we are both at the same level, enjoying this game together, which makes this a lovely intimate picture – it’s not photographer and subject, it’s playmates together.

I love this portrait, today’s ‘Just One’ preview image – a really natural, fun, and relaxed children’s portrait photograph that really captures Ben’s wonderful personality. I do hope you like it too and if you would like to arrange your own family photography session making use of this wonderful light at the moment, then do contact us – we’d love to hear from you.

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