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Edward has a new baby sister

Some of you may recognise this picture of Edward – it is on my website gallery and also my promotional cards. It was taken in July 2006 just before Edward’s first birthday.

Yesterday was a real treat for me as I got to go back and visit Edward again and meet his new baby sister Violet. I really enjoy returning to children again, it is amazing to see how they have grown and changed and also to see how much has stayed the same. Last time I visited Edward spent much of the shoot climbing on the front door step, this time, sitting on there surveying his kingdom.

As well as Violet, who is a real sweetie we were also joined by Edward’s cousins. I couldn’t have hoped for more beautiful subjects.

Anyway, time to show some pictures, here are a few favorites and this month’s picture of the month is from this shoot as well – you can imagine how excited I was to see the field of corn out the back window.

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