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Luck Favours the Prepared – Exceptional Family Photography

Some pictures I love so much that I have to single them out for a Just One and this is the case with this incredible picture of Mia and the pigeons from our North London family photography session.

When photographing children I am always on the look out for the unexpected, for something interesting that will make a brilliant picture and sometimes this is a case of seeing a situation and putting myself in position just in case anything good happens. Sometimes it doesn’t and I move on to the next picture but sometimes I am rewarded with something spectacular like this incredible photograph.

We had been playing in the park and as we began to walk towards the gate I noticed a huge flock of pigeons nibbling on some breadcrumbs someone had left. Thinking that small children and pigeons usually involves some chasing I sped up and quietly moved around the pigeons, changing my camera settings as I went so as to be in position if anything did happen.

It was lucky I had done so as no sooner had I turned around then Mia rushed towards the pigeons. I took two frames and this, the second one, as she came to an abrupt halt as the pigeons took off was perfect, in focus and catching the action in full swing. Shots like these make me think of the words of Louis Pasteur – ‘Luck favours the prepared’ as luck definitely had a hand in this shot but also thirteen years of experience photographing children and families allowed me to be in position when luck came my way.

I love it and I hope you do too, today’s Just One from my family photo shoot in North London.

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