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Just One – Martha – Family photography in Cambridgeshire

I do love a bubble shot and so I had a sneaky suspicion that my ‘Just One’ preview image from Wendy’s children’s and family photography session in Brampton in Cambridgeshire might feature a bubble or two. The family had the most incredible bubble machine – definitely the best I have ever seen that didn’t belong to a professional children’s entertainer. It was fabulous – so many bubbles, creating so much laughter and joy.

The children absolutely loved it and I was thrilled with this shot of Martha looking so happy as she played in the bubbles. Her big grin shows such innocent joy – I love how pleased children can be with bubbles.

We had the best bubble light, too. ‘Bubble light?’, I hear you ask, but in truth there is a certain type of light that is just perfect for bubbles, just as there is for water spray – you need some back light to pick up the highlights on the bubbles, a dark background like trees or a fence to really show the contrast, and a bit of sun. These are the exact conditions that we had for Wendy’s children and family photography session in Brampton in Cambridgeshire.

As you can imagine, there are many other lovely shots from this photo session and I will be sharing these with you on the photoblog very soon – two more beautiful children feature, as well as parents and grandparents for a fantastic fun-filled multi-generation family photography session. Check back soon for some more favourites from this wonderful photo shoot.

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