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Just One – Guy and Barnaby

Today’s ‘Just One’ preview image is from a recent children’s and family photography session in Norfolk, and it’s a cracker of a picture – even if I do say so myself!

I’m absolutely thrilled with it – I love the energy of the picture, the excitement and the fun that the boys are having, the incredibly beautiful backlighting, and the fabulous dark background of the forest which makes the hay stand out so well. I love the gestures and expressions, and the feeling of movement from the hay flying through the frame.

Caroline, the boys’ mother, worked as a location scout in the film industry and it really shows; each of our family photo shoots has involved incredible locations, and an attention to detail in planning activities that is just wonderful. It always makes for brilliant photo shoots.

I arrived in Norfolk on Monday evening and we chatted through ideas for our shoot the following morning. Armed with a list of locations to look at and some information on the best route to take (as Caroline and Matt are keen runners, too), I set off on a sneaky five mile run that took in lots of places that Caroline had been investigating so I had a good idea what she had in mind. I love going for a run the night before a shoot to familiarise myself with a new location, and the amazing parkland around Bickling Hall was an absolute delight as the heat left the day and the evening light fell on the trees. My run took me longer than it should have, as I kept stopping to take pictures on my phone – ever the photographer!

The location that Caroline had found for today’s ‘Just One’ preview photograph worked brilliantly – a portion of hay lay at the edge of a field and it made a great spot for the boys to play while ensuring we didn’t disrupt any of the farmer’s work. The boys loved it, burrowing down and leaping out with gales of laughter – it was such a good game.

I’m thrilled with this picture and I can’t wait to share some more from this fantastic family and children’s photo shoot on the blog soon, as there are so many pictures that I love. But for today, I hope you enjoy this preview image from our recent children’s and family portrait shoot on the Blickling Hall estate in Norfolk

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