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Family Photography in Brentwood

A brilliant day of family photography in Brentwood

It’s always nice to go somewhere new and so I was thrilled when Rebecca booked a family photography session in Brentwood. Exchanging emails before the day I knew we were going to have a great time, her daughter sounded hilarious, and her parents would be joining us too which was great. Grandparents always add such a wonderful extra dimension to a family photo shoot. I knew were going to have fun taking the family photos in Brentwood

A beautiful day dawned, and the train whisked me to Essex. I arrived shortly after 8am ready for a cup of coffee and to start the day, and we started immediately, as I was led into the garden to be shown the beautiful playhouse before we headed to the park.

Child led family photography in Brentwood

As always when photographing children, the sessions are led by the children themselves and so one game led to another and before I was half way through my coffee we had moved on and a competitive game of ‘fast snakes’ was played with her grandfather. I’m not sure what the rules were for ‘fast snakes’ but they certainly sped up a game of snakes and ladders and made for some great pictures

Then it was time to head to Weald Country Park arriving early for the best light and out choice of activity, we had the swing to ourselves which is always nice and a bonus of being out and about early – if you would like to arrange a family photography session in Brentwood then I’m always keen on an early start to get the best of the day.

Fun at Weald Country Park

A quick swing and then it was off to see the ducks and the troll who lived under the bridge. Imaginative games are a big part of my photo shoots and we had such fun being friendly trolls and having adventures over the course of the morning.

We explored the rest of the park and, among other things, discovered the joy of testing to see if people like butter with butter cups (remember that game?), enjoyed a jubilee pageant for ‘’her majesty the four year old complete with bubble gun parade, climbed through tunnels and ate ice cream

The fun never stops on family photo shoots

If that sounds like a packed morning for our Brentwood family photo shoot then it was, and that wasn’t the end of it. We headed home for lunch, stories, taking the unicorn for a walk, and then finished with a play under the hosepipe. A brilliant day from start to finish.

I can’t wait to share the full set of images from this fantastic session of family photography in Brentwood with this delightful family at their viewing session but in the meantime here’s a sneak preview of a few of my favourites.

If you would like to book a family photo shoot the do get in touch, I’d love to meet your family