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Just One – family photography in Kensington, West London

As a specialist in black and white photography, I’m always interested in shapes, patterns and textures. I try to bring these graphic elements into my family photography, and this recent father and daughter portrait from a family photography session in Kensington is an example of this.

As soon as I saw these trees in the park, I was keen to bring them into my composition, using the textures as a graphic element to balance my subjects and create an interesting visual juxtaposition. The trees reminded me of a Japanese ink painting – the detail, texture and variety of tones look as if they had been created by the stroke of a watercolour brush, rather than the click of the shutter.

Primarily, I love the human element in this image. As always with my work, I spend time and thought on the environment, the location, the composition and use of light, and yet this would be nothing without my subjects and the emotions and interactions demonstrated by beautiful children and loving families.

I also love this shot as it’s so typical of family life, with Carlos lifting Stella up to look closer at a squirrel climbing in the tree. It’s such a tender moment as he explains and teaches, and they share together the wonder of the natural world (and the important issues to do with whether the squirrel will come back and say hello). It’s the kind of moment that Stella will remember from her childhood and I’m sure this picture will make her smile every time she looks at it when she is a grown-up herself.

Beautiful renditions of everyday moments, captured with consideration and skill, are the essence of my family portrait photography and are they type of images I create for my clients each day – I do hope you like enjoy this portrait, today’s Just One preview image taken on location in Kensington, West London.

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