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Family Photography in Kew – Just One – Winter Light

Winter light on the blog today in this beautiful children’s portrait photograph taken at Kew recently.

I love this time of year, although the weather is a little unpredictable (and I’m doing my fair share of indoor shoots as the rain pelts down outside) when the weather is nice it is wonderful and it was a stunning day for our family photography session at Kew, a little chilly, but with that low winter sun that makes backlit portraits so beautiful.

We spent a wonderful morning exploring the gardens, finding giant trees to play under and kicking up leaves, it was great fun. It was so lovely to see the children again and see how much they had grown, three and five are such delightful ages and we’re able to play games and have so much fun. This picture was taken as we enjoyed that age-old activity of ‘running down the grassy bank’ the winter version of the summer game ‘rolling down the grassy bank’. I think that most children will have so many memories of doing this. In my childhood rolling down hills was the silver lining of being taken to look around stately homes by my parent’s, there was always a good bank to roll down at a stately home.

I love how the light wraps around the children giving them this tiny bright halo, it really makes them stand out from the background as Thomas, hand held up to count down on his fingers, prepares to run. I liked the way the shape of the trees in the background provided a gentle curve, holding the image together.

I hope you like it, today’s Just One, from our recent family photography session in Kew.

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