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Family Photography in Oxted in Surrey

A fun-filled family photo shoot in Oxted

Today I’m thrilled to share a sneak peek from a family photography session in Oxted in Surrey.

Up and Away!  Sometimes I get to combine all my favourite things in a picture – children with water, and also action and movement. I love how the camera can capture something so special in a fraction of a second.  I don’t know about you, but for me looking at this picture, I can hear the splash as he hits the water and the laughter as we do it again.  What a brilliant way to spend a morning for this wonderful family photography session in Oxted in Surrey.

Missing months of work this year has been very difficult but it was with such joy that I headed out this summer, once restrictions were lifted, to see clients and update their family photographs. I missed taking pictures so much and it’s been such a joy to get the cameras out of the bag and be creative again.  Even more though, it’s been a joy to see clients who have become friends over the years, talk to the children, laugh and catch up.  This was my twentieth shoot with this wonderful family and they are like family and so special to me.

We spent a brilliant day together, the kids thrilled to be running around in the garden, playing with bubbles, enjoying an epic game of hide and seek and this, playing in the new swimming pool.  I’d not been to Oxted in Surrey before but it was a fantastic part of the world and a wonderful location for family photography.

Family sessions have been so varied this year and with such wide range of activities it can make choosing a sneak peek difficult.  Do I choose the children laughing when I find them hidden in a wardrobe? do I choose them jumping in the air to pop the biggest bubble? Do I choose an individual portrait, or a family shot or that picture as they pelt down the hill on their scooters? There are often so many options.  I love choosing an image that seems to sum up the day before my clients get to see the full selection at their viewing.

And that’s why I chose this – the action, the energy, the architecture of the new home, the pool which is such a high point for the children just now.  I love it and I hope you do too, this sneak peek from a family session in Oxted in Surrey.

I’m still taking bookings for outdoor sessions this autumn so do get in touch if you would like to record your family in beautiful photographs this year.