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Family Photography in Regent’s Park – Roundabout

It was a perfect autumn morning for my family photo shoot with Olga in London’s beautiful Regent’s Park. I have been photographing the family annually since 2006 and it’s always such a pleasure to see everyone again and update the family album.

We had a brilliant time and I think it might have been one of our best ever sessions, it’s been so hard to choose a Just One to feature on the blog today but in the end I kept coming back to this picture of the twins in the playground. Lovely relaxed and natural photographs are always so much fun to take and this picture, taken in the playground while the children enjoy themselves, is typical of the kind of family activity that will have been so much part of life growing up and yet, as the twins get older might be a smaller part of our photo shoots in the future. I hope we have a few years of playgrounds in us yet though, I’m 38 and I still love a swing!

I’ve always been fascinated by speed in photographs – showing movement and freezing action in different measures, using different shutter speeds to create different effects. For this picture I used a slow shutter speed to create this interesting family portrait. The children, sitting still as we whizzed around on the roundabout together, perfectly sharp in focus as, although we were moving at speed, the distance between the twins and the camera remained the same and by sitting still we froze the moment in this photograph. The opposite effect occurs with their parents – a blur of movement as they push us faster and faster, caught on camera as we spin past. I love the effect, fast and slow and yet everyone connected in a perfectly balanced composition.

Taking inventive and creative family portrait photographs is what motivates me, making sure I produce the very best pictures for my clients, pictures that are innovative and unique and that capture a moment in time and the joys of family life. If this is the kind of picture that appeals to you, whether you are based in Regent’s Park or elsewhere in London then do get in touch, there are still a few slots available before Christmas and I’d love to hear from you.

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