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Family Photography in Balham – Just One – Thomas

I love this picture of Thomas riding his Harley Davidson…. No, not really, it’s a see-saw but it made me think of a classic motorbike when I took it and it’s that, along with the composition that made me choose it for today’s Just One.

I first met Thomas back in 2013 when he was a tiny baby and we took some pictures at his home in Balham. I was so pleased to go back for another visit recently to see how Thomas had grown and to meet his baby Brother Fred to update the family photographs.

We’ve been so lucky with the weather so far this year, although we’ve had a some wet days it’s really been remarkably warm and while it was hat and gloves weather when we went out there was no need to cut our time at the park short to go home and warm up, indeed we had a brilliant time on Wandsworth Common exploring, playing hide and seek, feeding the ducks and, of course, playing in the playground.

Fred had a brilliant time too, enjoying a short nap and then coming out to play and there will be more pictures of the rest of the family on a future blog post but today, it’s Just One, this shot of Thomas in the playground.

As I mentioned the thing that really drew me to this picture was the feeling of riding a really big motorbike along the open road – the handles of the see-saw and Thomas’s relaxed pose, sitting back, enjoying the ride. I love his biker hat and the wonderful happy look on his face as he looks up at his parents and baby brother who are just out of frame. I love the positioning of the trees in the background, when I saw them I knew I wanted to get their dark limbs on either side of Thomas so it looks as if he is riding his motorbike through the Wild West. I moved so the trees would flank him on either side providing a strong symmetry to the image which adds to it’s strong composition -Thomas centered inside the diamond shape made by the V of the handlebars and the tree branches meeting above his head.

I love it and I hope you will too – this fun shot from our photo shoot on Wandsworth Common last week.

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