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Family Portrait Wiltshire – Just One – Girl at the Window

One of my favourite things about my job is the variety of photographs I am able to take. Treating each family photo shoot as a blank slate and looking for the opportunities that present themselves within the environment and with the moods of the children, everyday offers something new.

I often find myself drawn to the loud and the boisterous; to laughter and chaos and the fun of a large family interacting together. But sometimes, it’s a quiet picture that captures my heart and becomes a favourite image from a photo shoot. That is the case with today’s just one from my recent family photography session in Wiltshire.

This was such a fleeting moment, the girls were having a fantastic time running between their parents bedroom and bathroom, looking out the window at one end and jumping on the bed at the other, laughter abounding. And then, a sudden quiet moment of solitude, as Tatiana sat quietly by the window with her toy duck. I saw her sit still and knew I wanted to take a photograph of this moment. As I moved to get a picture I noticed her reflection in the bathroom cabinets and altered my composition to get this beautiful double portrait.

I love the composition, the graphics of all the repeated lines – dark and light, from the doors, the wooden window seat, the windows themselves, even the dark hinges adding to the effect: dark and light dark and light. Strong verticals dividing the image and then the beautiful soft mood of this little girl in her ballet tutu sitting so quietly and so absorbed in the stunning early morning window light.

We have so many lovely pictures from this session but I hope you agree it was worth singling out this image as a Just One, this quiet and contemplative double portrait from my family photography session in Wiltshire.

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