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Family Portrait with Photobomb

We are living in extraordinary and troubling times and what we need at moments like this is to smile and laugh and this picture makes me do both, I think it’s hilarious.

Family photography sessions are such great fun and mine are led by the children, what the enjoy, what they want to do, the games they play and the laughter they create.  This was a fabulous session at a local park, a brilliant location for pictures and full of so many wonderful opportunities.

A woodland playground gave us the chance to slide on slides, and climb on climbing frames, all with a beautiful natural background which works so well in pictures.  We also found the most incredible den and spent ages playing there, even when the adults were keen to continue our quest and find some cake and coffee.  As the children pointed out there was imaginary cake and coffee in the den!

Walking, and running, back up the hill towards the café I took this shot as the parents walked together, laughing at the antics of their children.  I love taking portraits of parents on my shoots, it’s wonderful to capture that love and unity but, of course, the children always want to be in on the action and the centre of attention which leads to fabulous pictures like this one.

This shot makes me laugh out loud, leaping across the frame she is perfectly places exactly central and with her hands reaching out to the camera as she laughs uproariously.

Parents in the background, laughing, hugging, it’s perfect.

Pictures like this will have staying power. It might not be the typical family portrait, but I know it’s the kind of picture that will have everyone laughing for years to come.  Images like this are unique, they can’t be posed and can’t be repeated, and I love them all the more for it.  The spontaneous moments are often my favourites and the pictures I will treasure over the years. I hope you like this one as much as I do.