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Five page interview in Professional Photo magazine

Thrilled to be featured in Professional Photo magazine

I’m thrilled to share some pictures from an article about me in Professional Photo magazine this month. Professional Photo is the UK’s leading magazine for working professional photographers and is always a fantastic read with great interviews, review of equipment and fascinating articles on industry news. I’ve subscribed for years and so it’s lovely to be featured.

Professional Photo were keen to showcase my work after my appointment last year as a brand ambassador for Canon, an incredibly prestigious role.  Selected as the only family photographer in Europe to be part of the ambassador scheme my work has been singled out as pioneering in the genre.

I had a lovely time being interviewed for the magazine, chatting about my work and my thoughts on working in black and white – a style choice I made when I first started my photography business.  I’ve always loved the medium feeling it to be the best approach for family photography, recording emotion and relationships without the distractions of colour.

We discussed different ideas for pictures to accompany the article and I was thrilled when Photo Professional expressed an interest in using pictures of one just family for the illustrations, pictures from different photo shoots taken over a number of years.  They thought, and I agree, that it would be a wonderful way to showcase the timeless quality of black and white as we see the children grow up in front of our eyes. Black and white cuts to the essence of an image and pictures taken now look perfect when displayed with images taken ten years ago and with images taken in ten years’ time.

For this article we used images taken over the last six years over sixteen photo shoots.  I have been lucky enough to photograph this wonderful family since Stella was six months old and before Thomas was born.  Over the years we have created the most wonderful document of their childhood.  In sequential albums we have preserved these pictures as heirlooms the children will enjoy as adults.

Here you can see a number of these images displayed together and, I hope you will agree, the black and white format is fantastic.  We see the children grow and concentrate on the important things, their relationships with each other and with their parents, the fun they are having as they grow up.

To find out more about Professional Photo magazine do take a look at their fabulous website which they share with their sister publication Photography News