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Gift voucher family photo shoot in Hampstead Heath, London NW3

I’m lucky enough to travel to Hampstead in North West London regularly, and I particularly enjoy taking family and children’s portrait photographs on Hampstead Heath itself. It is a wonderful location for beautiful, relaxed family photography.

Gareth arranged a gift voucher for a family photo shoot as a present for his wife. Gift vouchers make a really wonderful gift – I love the idea of giving family photography as a gift, as it is something that will be kept forever and the pictures treasured down the generations. If you’re looking for an idea for your wife or husband’s birthday or an anniversary, our gift vouchers make a really wonderful and very personal gift.

We had a wonderful time on Hampstead Heath in North West London taking family and children’s portrait photographs, and the boys were an absolute joy to photograph. I always know when I have had a good time when I get off the train in Blackheath and realise that my hair is full of dandelions that have been given to me as gifts – I wonder if the boys will be so gallant in their teens!

I do hope you enjoy this set of children’s portrait and family photographs from Hampstead Heath, North London NW3 from our gift voucher shoot.

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