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‘I Found You!’ – Hide and Seek on a Family Photo Shoot

Story-telling Family Photography

I have always loved a picture that tells a story, an image that is full of personality that I know will raise a smile from the parents now and also from the children as they grow up. So, when I downloaded this image, I knew I would make it my ‘Just One’ as it made me laugh out loud.

It’s an image that is all about character and personality.  You can immediately get a feel for this fun-loving family and for all the individuals in it. I love the body language, the purposeful stride of Finn as he walks off, so proud of himself for his excellent finding skills at hide and seek (and nothing at all to do with his peeking while he counted – I love how children do that).  You can see from his big stride, the swing of his arm and that massive grin just how happy he is – ‘Look at me’ the picture seems to be saying ‘I’m the best Finder EVER’.

The shot wouldn’t work without the rest of the family in the background.  Dad, Quentin, fingers outstretched as he leaps from behind the tree holding his younger son while Sara laughs from the other side, everyone’s eyes on Finn as he heads off to find somewhere to hide in the next round.

Pictures like this hold memories.  Memories not of the day spent with me but of countless days at local parks and woods. Countless days playing hide and seek and the joy of engaging in these games with those that we love.  This is what family photography is all about, pictures that hold memories and that will take us on a journey when we look back on them in years to come.

We had such a brilliant day together on this shoot and I have so many lovely pictures from exploring the forest to snuggling in the duvet at the family home.  Together they tell the family story and record this time in the children’s lives in pictures that they can look back on as they grow up.

Here on the blog I like to mix it up with my Just One’s – portraits, action shots, family pictures and storytelling images.  I love to show a sneak peek to my clients while I process their images and I love to show prospective clients the variety of pictures that I take.  If you like what you see, would like to find out more about my black and white family photography and would like to arrange your own family portrait shoot then do get in touch.  Things are very busy before Christmas but there are a couple of slots still available and I’d love to meet you.