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Mother and baby portrait photography in Holland Park, London

Today’s blog post features a wider selection of baby photographs from a recent shoot in Holland Park, West London. As a London-based baby photographer, Holland Park has long been one of my favourite stomping grounds and I was thrilled to visit again to see how the baby had grown since our newborn baby portrait session last November and to capture some new portraits.

Around six months old is one of my favourite times for photographing babies. We advise all our clients who either wish to photograph their babies milestones in the first year, or who miss the first two weeks when newborn sessions work well, to wait until their babies are able to hold their heads up comfortably and confidently while they are lying on their tummies (which usually happens sometime between sixteen weeks and six months). Once your baby can hold their head up, so many new and interesting photo opportunities are available to us as they no longer need to be either held or lying on their backs.

We had such fun capturing these baby photographs in Holland Park. We started on his parent’s bed, with baby smiling so cheerfully. We then captured some photographs in his bumbo chair, which a great item on a baby photo shoot if your baby cannot sit-up yet. We also took some beautiful mother and baby photographs in the garden, utilising the beautiful light and the lovely manicured shrubbery. We then headed back indoors for a nap and then a few more baby photographs in a different outfit to add variety to the photographs – I always aim to get as much variety as possible from by children’s and baby photography and my personal favourite from this shoot, which featured as our ‘Just One’ preview recently, is the baby and bear picture, with them both peaking over the sheet.

I do hope you enjoy this selection of baby and mother photographs taken on location in Holland Park, West London W8. Do leave a comment via Facebook and let us know what you think.

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