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Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens Family Photography

Hyde Park in Kensington has wonderful light and is really fun for children. These are two of the main factors in today’s blog post featuring a family photography session in West London.

I first met Eva and Theo back in 2006 when Theo was just a baby. I do so love it when I get to see clients again. It gives me the opportunity of seeing the children grow-up. In this case, Theo has turned into such a fabulous young man and his little sister Maia is hilarious. They were such a fun pair it would have been impossible for me not to enjoy our most recent photography shoot.

I love it when my clients bring things with them that represent an important aspect of their family life. Theo’s football certainly fitted that category as it was, clearly, an absolute favourite possession of his. It was lovely to take pictures of him playing ball, especially as the most incredible back-lighting enabled me to capture something really special in the images.

We had a brilliant time exploring the park – visiting all the children’s favourite places. I was particularly thrilled with the image of Theo on the statue. Apparently the family make for this statue each and every time they visit the park so this particular destination has special significance. I’m still stunned by the good luck of having a flock of geese fly over at just the right moment. A moment like this can’t be planned. A shot like this requires good fortune and lighting fast reactions in equal measure. I’m so pleased with that shot, even if I do say so myself.

The children’s father joined us for the second half of the shoot – sneaking out of work for a couple of hours to get some lovely family photographs. I’m so glad he did as it’s lovely to have some shots of the whole family together. These are the images that I know the children will treasure when they are all grown-up. Not only will they instantly conjure up memories of their lovely, happy family life, they will take them back to the place they spent so much of their childhood. Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens is certainly one of my favourite places and a great spot for family photography.

We finished with a quick trip to the playground which is always a great spot to end the session. It is a reward for the children and a lovely spot for me to get my last few shots. It is my experience that children often have a second wind when they catch sight of the swings.

It was a wonderful day and I’m thrilled with the pictures. I do hope you will enjoy them too, these lovely, happy children and family portrait photographs from Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens in West London.

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