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On the blog today a fabulous set of photographs from a recent baby and family photography session in Battersea. Tonya had got in touch to arrange a photo shoot with her adorable baby Sophia before she started to walk. It’s often hard to choose the perfect time to photograph little ones and there is often a temptation to wait until the next developmental stage – but this can run the risk of missing something wonderful and, as I always say, we can do another session in a future, we can’t go back and do one in the past. I was so pleased that Tonya didn’t wait until Sophia was walking as it was wonderful to photograph her while she was still in those last months of being a baby, by now she’s up on her feet and very much a little girl. Time flies by so quickly when they are little and children learn so much so quickly.

We had a brilliant time for our photo shoot. We started indoors as the weather wasn’t great and we wanted to get lots of lovely shots before Sophia’s mid morning nap. Tonya’s beautiful Battersea home was perfect for family photographs and for baby portraits. Sophia couldn’t have been happier in front of the camera, smiling and laughing as we played with her favourite toys and enjoyed games such as peek-a-boo. It’s fun looking at the pictures and wondering how much longer she will be able to sit up under the bed, not long I would think. It’s lovely to have these pictures as a memory of this time.

I particularly enjoyed photographing Sophia reading her favourite book ‘How to Catch a Lion’ which I hadn’t heard before and which I have since bought for my little nephew, it’s a wonderful story and if you haven’t read it I do recommend you look it up, it’s a delightful tale.

It was also amazing to photograph some of Sophia’s early steps as she was just beginning to learn to walk when we did the photo shoot. Having her walk between her parents, half steady and then falling laughing into their arms is something really very special. I know these images will be treasured, as she gets older.

After her nap we headed out to Battersea Park for a few more baby pictures and family photographs. It’s nice, where possible, to get out for a bit during a photo shoot, even if it’s only for a little while as it adds a lovely variety to the images and my aim is always to create a lovely varied set of pictures for each of my clients. Going to Battersea Park, which was just round the corner and a frequent location for a family outing, added a lovely dimension to the completed set of images.

It was a wonderful day and I’m thrilled with the pictures, I do hope you enjoy them.

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