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Newborn and Family Photography in Blackheath SE3 – Just One

I love to photograph relationships – whether it’s between a child and their parents or a child and the world around them or, as in the case of today’s ‘Just One’ the relationship between siblings. It’s always lovely to watch how children play together, the games and the giggles as siblings interact but there is something particularly special about watching, and photographing, those relationships in their earliest days – when I am able to photograph newborn babies and their families and capture the early bonds between them.

It was such a pleasure to return to Cassi and Steve’s fantastic Blackheath home to see the family again and to welcome baby Max with his first family photo shoot.

We spent a lovely morning together, photographing in the house and garden, looking for the light and for good spaces where the children could play and where I could take photographs that capture these early moments. It was such good fun.

This picture is one of my favourites from the day; I love the tenderness from each of the older children as they snuggle together with their baby brother. I love how all the children look so peaceful, all totally caught up in the moment looking at their little brother as he sleeps so peacefully, oblivious of everything going on around him. I love how we have a sense of scale with the hands, all in a line and such different sizes really emphasizing how tiny baby Max is in his first few weeks. It’s a beautiful picture and I hope that you will all love it as much as I do, today’s Just One from my recent newborn and family photography session in Blackheath.

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