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Newborn Photography Chiswick W4

Beautiful newborn photo shoot in London

I had a wonderful day photographing this beautiful newborn baby in Chiswick in West London. I always love photographing newborns, the sense of excitement and joy as parents welcome their tiny child into the world is incredible to witness and a huge privilege to photograph. I am often one of the first visitors; before family and friends arrive, the newborn photographer is there to record these early moments in pictures that can be treasured for many years to come.

I love knowing that these pictures can be shared with family around the globe now and that they will be a source of joy for this tiny newborn baby when she is older. It’s an amazing thought that she will look at these pictures and see how tiny she was and how thrilled her parents are to have her in their lives. It’s a wonderful job to be a newborn photographer and I was so lucky to share the day with this lovely family in Chiswick in West London.

I knew it was going to be a good day. From our very first email exchanges I had a brilliant feeling about the shoot. Karina and Steve are both incredibly accomplished photographers (another perk of my day was seeing some of their beautiful wildlife photography work) and we had discussed cameras and approaches before the day. It’s always a joy working with someone who loves photography as much as I do and even after a day of newborn photography I felt we could have carried on chatting for hours.

The best bit about our newborn photo shoot in Chiswick for me was meeting this beautiful baby, such a delight as she snuggled and snoozed with her parents and enjoyed her moment in the spotlight.

It’s always so hard to choose favourites from a newborn session and our newborn photo shoot in Chiswick has produced so many beautiful images. I can’t wait to share the full gallery with Karina and Steve in due course but, for now, I have chosen a few images to share today which jumped out at me and which capture some of the joy and wonder of our day together.

First up, the stunning picture at the top of the page. What makes a family portrait? I don’t think it needs everyone’s faces, but it has everyone in it in some way and this shot with our beautiful sleeping baby and her parents hands holding her so tenderly is a real family moment, everyone is in the shot, everyone is connected even if you only see her parents hands. It’s all about her, how tiny she is, how special she is, I love the way the light dances across her face from the window above us. It’s a tender moment, a quiet moment, and a moment so full of love.

Variety of images on a newborn photo shoot in chiswick

I do love a shot where I can see everyone’s faces though and this family portrait shot caught my eye immediately. Using the window light in the lovely Chiswick flat where we were based for our newborn photography session I have lit the family from behind to create this beautiful and distinctive image. I love Karina and Steve’s faces as they look down at their beautiful daughter and how peacefully Milli is sleeping in her father’s arms.

What else would I always look for on a newborn photography session? a sleeping portrait, so tender, so simple, and so beautiful. Timeless images that will look as good when Milli is an adult as they do now, images that I hope one day she might show her own children, isn’t that a lovely thought?

Natural moments and detail shots

I knew Karina loves detail shots and so I was keen to make sure to capture some of these, images that really show the scale of how tiny Milli is in these early days. Tiny feet, tiny hands, those glorious little eyelashes. This one really caught my eye, a detail shot but with enough of Karina and Milli’s faces so we know who we are looking at. I love it and I hope you will too.

My final image, a lovely natural moment as Steve looks down at his baby daughter as he settles her in her crib. His hand on her chest to sooth her, she looks up at him and the connection is electric. It’s such a beautiful moment, I wish I had a picture like that with my dad when I was that age.

Book your own newborn photo shoot in Chiswick

There are so many more beautiful pictures from our newborn photography session in Chiswick but I can’t spoil the surprise for Karina and Steve by sharing them all here today. I hope you have enjoyed what you have seen and please do get in touch if you would like to arrange your own newborn photography session in Chiswick or elsewhere in London. You can find out more about my newborn photography services hereor read my handy guide to newborn photography at home. Drop me a line via the contact form or give me a call if you would like to know more and I hope to meet you and your family soon.