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Newborn Photography in Streatham

Fun and Laughter on a Newborn Photo Shoot in South London

I travelled to Streatham in South London this week for a wonderful newborn photography session with this lovely family.  We had a brilliant time together taking pictures in their stunning home and we also managed to take advantage of the unseasonably warm weather for a lovely walk on Tooting Common to add some outdoor pictures to our newborn photography portrait collection.

It was a joy filled morning with so much laughter. I love how, looking through the pictures as I process them, there are so many images where everyone is laughing.  I think these will be so wonderful to look back on as time passes.

I find the emotions of newborn photography sessions so wonderful to behold. It’s such a special time and such a privilege for me, as a photographer, to be invited into people’s homes at this point. I’m often one of the first guests and I get to see how the family are getting to know each other and to observe the love, wonder, and happiness on the faces of new parents as they look down on their tiny baby. The love in their eyes as they hold the newest member of their family, the person who they are going to love and look after for the whole of their lives, it’s such a special thing.

I love to take a variety of images when I’m photographing newborns. As well as the snuggly snoozy shots that are so peaceful, I love to include shots where little ones are awake, looking at the camera or at their parents, eyes inquisitive to this new world around them as they take everything in.

It’s always hard to choose favourites for a blog post as there are always so many special moments from a newborn photography session but its also lovely to find a selection which I feel sum up the day and which will give my clients a taster for what is to come at their viewing session.

So here we have beautiful moments, interaction, laughter, and love. We have a snoozing baby snuggly and peaceful in their mother’s arms and a little one so alert and engaged as they look at the world. We have newborn pictures taken indoors in a stunning Streatham home and beautiful family photos taken outside on Tooting Common. I love the little details – the dog sitting in the family shot, so perfectly positioned in the curve of the fallen tree and facing in the opposite direction – it makes me laugh so much. It feels the perfect metaphor for life with children, we set everything up perfectly and then their personalities shine through as they forge their own path and create something more fun, more interesting, and more full of humour than we could have imagined.  The years ahead will be full of so much fun, so much laughter, and so much joy for this family. I feel so privileged to have been here to document the beginning of their adventure together.

This is just a small taster of the full selection from this newborn photography session in Streatham, I hope you enjoy it.

To read more about how newborn photography sessions work do take a look at my guide to newborn photography at home. Please get in touch if you would like to book your own newborn session, I’d love to hear from you.