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Newborn Twins Photo Shoot in London

Today I’m so pleased to be sharing a wider selection of images from the fantastic newborn twins photo shoot I had with Chloe and her baby boys just after Christmas. We had an amazing time together and I’m so pleased with the pictures.

I have photographed Chloe before – but a long time ago when she was just sixteen years old and the family photo shoot we did with her brothers and sisters was one of my first professional photography jobs. It was so good to see her again. Since that earlier shoot I have photographed Chloe’s twin sister and her family twice and so I’d been kept up to date with Chloe’s news and I’d been really looking forward to meeting and photographing her newborn babies.

Travelling back to my old stomping ground of South East London it was a treat to stay with my mum the night before and then a very short trip to Chloe’s beautiful home. The family were just coming to the end of the most enormous building project and the house was looking amazing. It’s so interesting to see inside so many different houses all over London, to see how they have been remodeled and decorated to make the most incredible family homes.

The boys were such a pleasure to photograph, so alert and interested in the camera. Twins always seem so chilled out, I guess it’s learning to wait in turn from their very first moments. Already the little ones seemed to have such cheerful personalities and there were lots of smiles as they played with their mummy and daddy in the warmth of the main bedroom.

Then, as it was a beautiful day, we decided to take a quick walk around Manor House Gardens. I hadn’t visited there for years and it’s had the loveliest make-over with a new café and a great looking playground. It felt very different to the park of my childhood where we used to walk hand in hand to the library from primary school once a week.

Then back home for some sleepy shots as the newborn boys were tired and snoozy. It was lovely to use the front room for this and get a few shots that included the Christmas tree, reminding the boys when they are older that they are the best Christmas present their parents could ever have. And then finally back upstairs to sleep, snug and warm and together, peaceful for a brief moment before the excitement starts again.

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