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Norfolk Family Photography with Canon R5

Tree climbing and the wonderful Canon EOS R5

The kids have been incredible this year, showing so much resilience in the face of such disruption.  Every time I go to work I’m impressed by the good humour of children who have missed so much time with their friends and often big important milestones such as exams or changing schools.  I still remember the leavers assembly at my primary school – I got the ‘King cup for artistic ability’, can you tell I’m still proud of that one? It was mainly because I was really into embroidery and that particular hobby hasn’t lasted the years, but I like to think it was an indicator of things to come. With this memory so strong for me, I’ve felt particularly sorry for those children who missed these events and who have gone straight to secondary school. The kids though, they seem to have taken it all in their stride looking forward to what lies ahead and excited to meet new friends.

This was my eleventh shoot with Mette and her family and I was so thrilled when she booked in. It’s been particularly special to see regular clients during this difficult year as I think about my favourite families a lot and am often wondering how they are getting on. Social medial helps a lot of course and it’s lovely to be Facebook and Instagram friends, but it’s not the same as heading out for the day, camera in hand, with plenty of time to chat.

We decided that I would join the family on their summer trip to the coast, get out of London and enjoy some different adventures together. So, I jumped on a train and headed for the North Norfolk coast, an area I know from my own holidays and one that I absolutely love.

We had an amazing time together, splashing in the sea, climbing trees and going for a very, very, blustery beach walk. It was so windy the day I was there that our first choice of location was closed because of the weather but we found another, equally beautiful, spot for pictures.

Looking at this photograph I can hardly believe I first photographed Karoline when she was only four weeks old, a tiny thing snuggled with her parents on their bed.  The intervening years have gone by in a flash and she’s grown into this amazing, funny, intelligent and articulate young lady and, along with her brother, such brilliant fun to photograph.  Here she is, the summer before she starts secondary school, relaxed and happy and at one with the world.

This picture grabbed me for a number of reasons.  I just love the relaxed and serene nature of it.  Karoline is so completely at home in the tree, and tree climbing is clearly a favourite activity, so it’s lovely to record that. It feels an image so full of promise, of all the wonderful things that await in the future.

Also, from a technical point of view, I just love the shallow depth of field and the absolutely stunning rendering with my Canon RF 50mm f/1.2L and my Canon EOS R5.  I know it’s geeky to talk about cameras but it was my first shoot with my new EOS R5 and so special to me for that reason too, my first proper outing with the equipment that will be the tool of my trade for the foreseeable future.

I love the image and I hope you do too. Today’s sneak preview from our North Norfolk Family session this summer.