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Portrait with Canon RF 85mm f/1.2L USM Lens

A Stunning Portrait in Beautiful Light

Sometimes a combination of light, environment, detail, and texture create the perfect environment for a portrait.  When you add to that a great subject, you have a very happy photographer.

I’ve been lucky enough to photograph Laszlo for a decade now, this was our tenth photo shoot, it would have been our eleventh this year but sadly covid meant we missed last year.  They have always been some of my favourite sessions each year as Laszlo is such an incredible subject to photograph and, most importantly, I love the company of such a wonderful family. There’s always interesting discussion to be had whether it’s global politics, the perfect way to build a den, or our current favourite crime novels, I never fail to come home inspired both creatively and intellectually and I never fail to take pictures that I know will find their way into my portfolio.

I love everything about this shot, the tones, the textures, the balance.  I love Laszlo’s expression as he looks up and out onto Hampstead Heath as we came towards the end of our photo shoot.  I also love the way his t-shirt seems to be the perfect match to the background- the swirl of tie-die echoing the light filtering through the trees.

For the technical among us this is also a shot where the quality of the lens really comes into its own.  This is shot with my newest toy – the sublime Canon RF 85mm f/1.2 L USM lens which is simply staggering especially in conjunction with the wonderful Canon EOS R5.  There is a quality to this lens that is out of this world and allows me to take pictures that simply wouldn’t be the same with different equipment.  Here we can really feel the quality of the glass in this beautiful image, and I feel so grateful that I am able to use such wonderful equipment as part of my job as a brand ambassador for Canon.

As the weekend approaches, I’m looking forward to getting out with my camera again for another fully booked couple of days.  The summer is getting very busy now (as is September) so, if you are considering scheduling a family session this year, do get in touch soon so we can get your date in the diary.  In the meantime, have a lovely weekend!