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Regular Family Photo Shoots in Cambridge

Visiting families over the years to record their lives in pictures

This was my fifth session with this wonderful family and I was thrilled to head back to Cambridge, the city where I lived for eight years and where I met my husband, to photograph them. I don’t do many family photography sessions in Cambridge now but it used to be my regular stomping ground and it’s always fun to go back.

I’d met the parents many years ago when I had photographed their wedding alongside my husband Tom who was then a professional wedding photographer. I remember having such a lovely time, one of those days which sticks with you down the years as a really wonderful and joyous occasion.

When their first child was born we caught up again for some baby photographs – in London that time as they were living in San Francisco and were visiting for a holiday. Since then it’s been back in Cambridge as the family has settled in one place and the youngest has arrived completing the family. We’ve taken pictures in their home, and in Cambridge’s stunning Botanical Gardens and then, more recently in some incredibly woodland not too far from town.

Family photography in the woods

I was thrilled to go back to the woods. Woodland is my favourite place for family photo shoots and this patch is particularly special to the family. Woods are great as there is so much to do – places to explore, sticks to battle with, plants to look at, trees to climb to name just a few things. Here we also had an incredible play structure that has recently been constructed and will, I’m sure, provide hours and hours of fun for many years to come.

I love the light in woodland, the patches of bright sunlight and the darker areas where the canopy is thick overhead. It provides lots of opportunities for me as a photographer to create images with different feels to them and one of my shots from our last visit, a few years ago, is still a real favourite of mine with the stunning contrast between light and shadow and the expressions of the boys. Working with light, tone, and texture is great fun and allows me to be creative in my portrait photography work.

Over the course of the morning, we took so many different types of images from family groups and individual portraits to all the natural action shots that are so challenging and so rewarding to take. It’s such fun photographing children and I’m so lucky that so many families welcome me into their homes year on year to document their time together in pictures that they can enjoy down the generations.

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I hope you will enjoy this sneak preview from my recent family photography session in Cambridge. The autumn is booking up fast now so do let me know if you would like to put something in the diary and we can arrange that for you.