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Just One – family photography in Solihull

This ‘Just One’ preview image, taken on our children’s and family photography session in Solihull, really reminds me of Harry Potter and the pensieve, reviewing memories – something that relates to photography in so many ways. My work is all about capturing memories for the children, taking pictures that will remind them not of the day I came to visit with my cameras, but of summers spent out and about as a family and all the laughter of childhood.

I really like this shot because of the subject and how it makes me think of one of my favourite children’s books, but also the expressions on the boys’ faces, looking down so intently to see if they can see their reflections. I love the dark reflections and how the shapes balance compositionally. I particularly like the circular shape of the bird bath, bringing the eye round and round the picture, which makes it a much more interesting shot than a straight reflection. I also like how the bottom curve of the bird bath reflects the boys’ smiles t00 – it seems to me to be a very happy picture, even though it isn’t a straight forward ‘grinning to the camera’ shot.

I do hope you like this preview image from our fun-filled family photo session in Dorridge near Solihull – it’s a particular favourite from a fantastic session and there will be many more pictures posted on the blog very soon.


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