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Just One – Iris – baby and family portrait photography in North London

Sometimes, you just know. You can feel it all coming together – the light, the pose, the background, the environment. At times like these, I have to refrain from doing a little dance after I have clicked the shutter. It’s a moment when I know that it is something special – a shot that I will absolutely love.

I had that feeling this morning as I lay on the grass in Finsbury Park in North London. Nicholette and Jon were sitting in a patch of perfect light underneath this majestic tree – the shape of the branch was holding the composition together. with the dark trees in the background adding contrast and the wonderful backlighting providing a beautiful halo as Nicholette held baby Iris up in the air. Iris is laughing and giggling at her parents in the early morning sunshine while they look up at her, so happy and so proud of their beautiful daughter. I could feel it all coming together as I shifted my position this way and that to bring it all together perfectly, even down to the little burst of sunlight in the top corner. As you can tell, I am thrilled with this picture and in the words of the immortal Hannibal Smith, ‘I love it when a plan comes together!’ – all I need is a cigar (and the rest of the A-Team, of course).

We had a wonderful morning in Finsbury Park today – we were up bright and early, and in the park by 8am. It’s a lovely time to be in the park, especially in the summer as we get the best of the light and it isn’t too hot, which is particularly important for such little babies. It also allowed us lots of time in the park before heading home for Iris’s mid-morning nap and the second half of our session. It was such a fantastic morning, I do love the summer.

I look forward to sharing some more photographs from our wonderful baby and family portrait shoot soon, but in the meantime I do hope you enjoy this – today’s ‘Just One’ preview image from our morning in Finsbury Park, North London.

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